Hanahan Water Treatment Plant, Residual Handling Facility

Project Type: Residuals Handling Facility for an existing Water Treatment Plant

Location: Charleston, SC
Owner: Commissioners of Public Works; Mr. Larry Drolet or Ron Copeland, (843) 724-6867

Engineer: Jacobs Engineering Group (formerly Jordan, Jones & Goulding); Mr. Bill Westfall, PE- (843) 747-5889
Contract Value: $7.6 million

Contract Duration: 16 months (Completion Date: March, 2006)

Description: Construction of a 15,000 SF 2-story Cast-in-Place Concrete & Masonry Structure to house sludge dewatering centrifuge equipment, replacement of the existing sludge fee pumps, chemical bulk storage and chemical feed equipment, truck loading equipment and office facility. Building included a concrete pile foundation.