CMSD Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Project Type: Expansion of an Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location: Grifton, NC; Pitt County
Owner: CMSD, Chuck Smithwick (252) 413-8898

Engineer: The Wooten Company, Charlie Davis (919) 828-0531
Contract Value: $7.3 million

Contract Duration: 13 months

Description: Major additions to an existing wastewater treatment plant. Construction consisted of a new headworks facility, filter lift pump station, denitrification filter building and process equipment, UV Disinfection system, Post Aeration Basin, site work and associated yard piping & electrical work. Four (4) remote pump station sites were also a part of this project, which consisted of the Winterville PS, Grifton PS, Ayden PS and Hwy 11 PS. Each remote pump station site including the addition of magnetic flow meter vaults. Two sites included new odor control equipment installation. This project included a major plant influent force main tie-in to an existing 24-inch DIP influent line. This work was completed in the early morning hours with by-pass pumping on the entire existing headworks facility.