Jacksonville Nano-Filtration Water Treatment Plant

Project Type: New Nano-Filtration Water Treatment Plant

Location: Jacksonville, NC; Onslow County
Owner: City of Jacksonville; Wally Hansen, (910) 938-5330

Engineer: McKim & Creed; Kevin Eberle, (919) 233-8091
Contract Value: $21.9 million

Contract Duration: 24 months

Description: Construction of a new Nano-Filtration water treatment plant to serve the City of Jacksonville. The originally selected site was deemed unsuitable for construction and relocation of the plant to a more suitable location was redesigned and value engineered with the assistance of State Utility Contractors. The new site was completely undeveloped and required extensive site work and preparation for the structure. The finished building for the WTP housed not only the water treatment and distribution equipment but also served as the office and laboratory for the city’s water treatment personnel.