McAlpine Creek Wastewater Management Facility

Project Type: Expansion of an Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant – Chlorine Contact Lagoon Modifications

Location: Pineville, NC; Mecklenburg County
Owner: City of Charlotte Utilities, Arnold Jarrell (704) 391-1570; Cell (704) 634-8191

Engineer: HDR Engineering, Inc. of the Carolinas, Kevin Mosteller (704) 377-4182
Contract Value: $7.2 million

Contract Duration: 14 months

Description: Winner of the 2001 Carolinas AGC Pinnacle Award for Best Utility Construction Project. Major modifications to an existing chlorine contact basin. Construction consisted of a new concrete contact tank while working in an active effluent flow lagoon was the task at hand. The project required the use of a temporary dam system (Portadam®) thus allowing the construction of the new contact tank to occur while process flow continued through the remaining existing flow lagoon. Once completed the new contact tank was placed into service, the remaining flow lagoon was drained, sludge was removed, extensive grading, the lagoon bottom as well as the sloped sides were lined with 10-inches of reinforced concrete (11,000 cy), thus converting the remaining 8-acre lagoon into a new flow equalization cell no. 4.