Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Type: Modifications and improvements to an existing 60 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location: Raleigh, NC; Wake County
Owner: City of Raleigh; T.J. Lynch (919) 662-5700; Email:

Engineer: Hazen & Sawyer, PC., Bennie Meeks, PE (919) 833-7152
Contract Value: $15.7 million

Contract Duration: 30 months

Description: Scope of work included modifications and improvements to the aeration system in Aeration Basins 1 to 6, Sludge Storage Tank Mixing System, replacement of the UV System, installation of 72-inch PCCP influent line and splitter box, and modifications to the channel aeration systems in the Primary Settling Tank and the ML/RAS/WAS Channels.