Hamby Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Type: Upgrade and Expansion of Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location: Thomasville, NC; Davidson County
Owner: City of Thomasville; Morgan Huffman, (336) 475-4210

Engineer: Pease Architects-Engineers; Keith Garbrick, (704) 376-6423
Contract Value: $24.6 million

Contract Duration: 38 months (completed in 30 months)

Description: Construction of major improvements and expansion of existing wastewater treatment plant from 3 million gallons per day (MGD) to 6 MGD. The project included approximately 10,000 cubic yards of cast in place concrete and 1000 tons of reinforcing steel. Working in and around the existing treatment plant the project required extensive planning and coordination to construct the new facilities while keeping all existing facilities on line. Startup required a seamless change over of treatment trains from existing to new.