Duke Municipal Water Line (Design-Build)

Duke Energy was required to provide a permanent replacement water supply to eligible households as a requirement of G.S. 130A-309.211(c1) of House Bill 630 within a half mile radius of the Allen Plant Steam Station located in Belmont, NC. Duke Energy teamed with AECOM as the design build lead and State Utility Contractors as a team member to complete this project. House Bill 630 outlined strict schedule requirements that had to be met and the AECOM/State Utility team worked closely together to meet the tight schedule. To meet the requirements of House Bill 630 24,000LF of 8” and 4,000 LF of 2” water line was installed in five separate areas surrounding the steam station. Additionally thirteen 16” bore and jacks were installed along with 40 fire hydrants and over 170 water services. The project was complete approximately 2 months ahead of schedule and $426,000 under the estimated project budget.

Contract Value – $3.9 Million

Contract Duration – 7 Months

Completion – May 2018

Engineer – AECOM