Industry Leading Experience

Lower Reedy WRRF Digester Improvements – Simpsonville, SC

Project Scope consisted of the construction and installation of a new anaerobic pre-stressed concrete digester tank with fixed concrete dome cover and linear……..


$16.1 Million

Woodruff – Roebuck WTP CMAR Capacity Expansion – Woodruff, SC

Scope included construction of a new sedimentation basin/flocculation basin, dual media filters, mods to Finished Water……


$8.6 Million

Six Mile Creek Pump Station Design-Build – Charlotte, NC

Project scope consisted of replacing four aged and malfunctioning vertical shaft pumps with drypit submersibles as well as other various improvements to expand……..


$4.25 Million

Burgis Creek Sewer Improvements – Rock Hill, NC

Installation of 15,500 LF of 18” and 16” DIP gravity sewer that was P401 lined and zinc coated, 73 MH’s, 3-30” bore and jacks, and one 36” rock hand mine tunnel……..


$9 Million

Clifton Dr. 16” Sanitary Sewer Relocation (Design-Build) – Fayetteville, NC

This Progressive Design Build Project consists of the relocation of the existing 16” sewer main from the creek bank to the…..


$15.4 Million

Hwy 73, S. Ingleside Farm Rd, Old Plank Rd Waterline Ext. – Lincolnton, NC

Installation of 532 LF of 24” DIP, 19,100 LF of 16” DIP, 12,395 LF of 12” DIP, and 80 LF of 8” DIP in NCDOT R/W’s along Hwy 73…….


$7.8 Million

Lift Station Improvements Phase 2 – Charlotte, NC

Improvements at 13 lift station sites located throughout Mecklenburg County. Improvements included complete electrical and control panel demolition and…….


$7.1 Million

Four Mile Creek Tributary Sewer Replacement – Charlotte, NC

Upsizing of approximately 3,800 LF of existing 8” gravity sewer to 16” gravity sewer. The project followed a tributary of Four Mile Creek and the majority…….


$2.6 Million

Shelby Water Treatment Plant Upgrades – Shelby, NC

This was a high priority project for the City due to the amount of water wasted per day. State Utility constructed two new 2.5 million-gallon Clearwells…..


$15.4 Million

Muddy Creek WWTP & Archie Elledge WWTP Phase II Rehabilitation Project – Winston-Salem, NC

This project consisted of aeration system and thickening facilities upgrades along with a new polymer feed system, digester…….


$19.1 Million

McAlpine Creek Relief Sewer Phase 4 – Charlotte, NC

The project included the installation of 10,020 LF of 30” and 6,608 LF of 36” PVC and ductile iron gravity sewer, 34 ea. 5’ diameter manholes, 5 ea. 6’ diameter manholes, 2 ea. 7’ diameter manholes, 1 ea. 8’ diameter…..


$11.3 Million

Steven’s Creek Lift Station, Forcemain, and Gravity Sewer – Charlotte, NC

This is a Progressive Design Build Project. State Utility Contractors is the sub-contractor for the Progressive…….


$13.9 Million

Camden WWTP – Camden, SC

The project included construction of a new wastewater treatment plant; consisting of new Influent Headworks / Screening & Grit removal facility…….


$30 Million

Monroe Expressway (Design-Build) – Monroe, NC

Our scope of work included relocating 83,500 linear feet of 2”-20” waterline, 17,000 linear feet of 3”-20” forcemain
and replacing 16,900…..


$16 Million

Harnett WWTP Project – Lillington, NC

The scope of this project consisted of modifications to the Harnett County North Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant: Scope included construction of a sludge dewatering system for water sludge…….


$10.2 Million

Northeast Interceptor Rehabilitation Phase 2 – Wilmington, NC

5,500 LF of 20” DI Pipe Bursting – The size and scope of the $4.7 Million NEI Rehabilitation Phase 2 project…..


$4.9 Million

Orangeburg Wastewater Treatment Plant – Orangeburg, SC

The project included construction of a new Aeration Basin, Sludge Holding tank and associated masonry blower …


$22 Million

Hardeeville WRF Expansion – Hardeeville, SC

The project consisted of constructing improvements for expansion of the existing water reclamation facility included…


$25.9 Million

Northwest WTP Improvements Phase II Brunswick – County, NC

Construction of a 23 MGD New High Service Pump Station that housed Five (5) 400 HP and (1) One 250 HP …..


$8.7 Million

Middle Tyger River Pump Station (CMAR) – Lyman, SC

Construction of a new Raw Water PS and Intake Screen to provide raw water from the Middle Tyger River to the …..


$5.4 Million

Upper Little Sugar Creek Replacement Sewer Phase 1 – Charlotte, NC

Removal of over 4000 LF of existing 12” clay gravity sewer main and replace…….


$1.2 Million

Duke Energy Municipal Water Lines (Design-Build) – Belmont, NC

Duke Energy was required to provide a permanent replacement water supply to eligible households as a requirement….


$3.9 Million