Lift Station Improvements Phase 2

Improvements at 13 lift station sites located throughout Mecklenburg County. Improvements included complete electrical and control panel demolition and replacement, wet well level control instrumentation, sensors, alarms, and floats, the installation of magmeters and associated restrained joint pipe up to and in precast vaults, and sandblasting and epoxy coating of dry wells. Bypass pumping systems and insert valves were utilized to control pump station flows during construction, and pump station switch overs. The project also included demolition of an existing 12” waterline and associated pipe hangers and shoreline stabilization at the Charlotte Water Intake Facility at Torrence Chapel. The waterline demolition and portions of the shoreline stabilization were completed with the use of an excavator and crane working off of a barge.

Contract Bid – $7.1 Million

Contract VE Value – $7.1 Million

Contract Duration – 12 Months

Completion – June 2021

Engineer – Brown and Caldwell