Hwy 73, S. Ingleside Farm Rd, Old Plank Rd Waterline Ext.

Installation of 532 LF of 24” DIP, 19,100 LF of 16” DIP, 12,395 LF of 12” DIP, and 80 LF of 8” DIP in NCDOT R/W’s along Hwy 73, S. Ingleside Farm Rd, and Old Plank Rd. The project included 6 bore and jacks under NCDOT roadways ranging in size from 36” to 16” diameter casing. Two major open cut creek crossings were also included in the scope of this project under Anderson Creek. The project also included the installation of 19 air release valves in 5’ diameter precast vaults, 32 Fire Hydrants, and 22 16” bevel gear gate valves. A booster pump station was constructed along the route of the new water line to increase pressure for Lincoln County’s system. It included 2 8” booster pumps, chlorine tanks for hypo fill lines, a pressure reducing valve, and a natural gas back up generator. The booster pump station building was constructed of block and brick masonry with steel roof trusses.

Contract Bid – $7.8 Million

Contract VE Value – $7.1 Million

Contract Duration – 11 Months

Completion – August 2020

Engineer – W.K. Dickson