Muddy Creek WWTP & Archie Elledge WWTP Phase II Rehabilitation Project

Aeration System Upgrades

  • Five new aeration blowers equipped with an automatic dissolved oxygen control system.
  • New process air piping, valves, and air flow meters for the three existing aeration basins.
  • Replacement of existing membranes for the diffused aeration system for the three-existing aeration basins.
  • Construction of a new electrical room within the existing Blower Building.
  • Associated site work and electrical work.

Thickening Facilities Upgrade

  • Installation of new gravity thickener drive mechanism and appurtenances.
  • Two new adjustable frequency driven thickened waste activated sludge pumps with associated piping and valves.

New polymer feed system

  • Construction of new electrical room within the existing thickening building.
  • HVAC and plumbing improvements.
  • Associated site work and electrical work.

Digester Improvements

  • Six new sludge recirculation pumps.
  • Six new sludge transfer pumps.
  • Modifications to the two existing primary heat exchangers.

Upgrade to the existing boiler controls

  • Two new plant hot water loop pumps and three heating water pumps.
  • New compressed air system.
  • Modifications to the existing standby generator radiator.
  • Replacement of valves and flow meters.

Archie Elledge WWTP

  • Construction of a new waste activated sludge pumping station with three submersible screw centrifugal pumps equipped with adjustable frequency drives.
  • Refurbishment of two existing gravity belt thickeners.
  • One new gravity belt thicker.
  • New polymer feed system and bulk storage tank.
  • New electrical room within the existing Gravity Belt Thickener Building.
  • Modifications to the existing piping and valves to accommodate new work.
  • Modifications to the existing odor control scrubber and piping.
  • Modifications to existing wet-well and installation of two new submersible filtrate pumps.
  • Associated site work and electrical work.

Contract Bid – $19.1 Million

Contract VE Value – $20.3 Million (Owner Issued Change Orders)

Contract Duration – 26 Months

Completion – December 2020

Engineer – Black & Veatch