Six Mile Creek Pump Station Design-Build

Project scope consisted of replacing four aged and malfunctioning vertical shaft pumps with drypit submersibles as well as other various improvements to expand the station to an 18 mgd firm capacity. A full bypass of the pump station was required to install fl ow stabilizing suction cones in the wetwell, replace the pump control panel and to rehab the plug valves on the suction side. State Utility replaced each pump one at a time. Since this was a design-build project, the whole construction and bypass process was well planned and executed. In addition to the pump replacements, State Utility installed a surge tank and two off site ARVs as well as replaced the HVAC system and the channel grinder.

Contract Bid – $4.25 Million

Contract VE Value – $4.25 Million

Completion – May 2021

Engineer – Hazen and Sawyer