Steven’s Creek Lift Station, Forcemain, and Gravity Sewer

This is a Progressive Design Build Project. State Utility Contractors is the sub-contractor for the Progressive Design Build Team of Crowder/HDR. The project consists of the installation of 14,556 LF of 20” DIP/PVC forcemain through a nature preserve and within the street right of way. The forcemain also includes the installation of 4 ea. air release valves and vaults and 1,350 LF of 36” bore and jacks (in soil and rock). There is a total of 12,779 LF of 8”, 16”, and 20” DIP Gravity Sewer through an outfall. The gravity sewer ranges in depths of 10’ to 32’ in soil and rocky conditions. The gravity sewer also includes the installation of 6 ea. 60” hand mined tunnels, 5 ea. bore and jacks (in soil and rock), and 53 ea. Armorock polymer concrete manholes. Other utilities include the installation of 1,400 LF of 8” DIP water.

Contract Bid – $13.9 Million

Contract VE Value – $13.9 Million

Contract Duration – 14 Months (Scheduled)

Completion – Spring 2021

Engineer – Black & Veatch